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MIG 2000 MOS 2 SAE 10W-40

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10W-40 * viscosity
1 litre bottle:
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60 litre drum:
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208 litre drum:
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Product information

General information:

Universal Leichtlauföl Motor Oil SAE 10W-40, based on HC synthesis base oils. For petrol and diesel engines with and without turbo charge in cars, buses and working machines. The addition of molybdenum components helps this oil to superior cold start and friction value behavior in comparison to commercially available 10W-40 engine oils, is a mixture of colloidal, synthetic-graphite and mineral oil. Forging lubricants: 5 to 20% w/w; Chain Lubricants: 5 to 15% w/w; Fats: 5 to 20% w/w


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